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Daily Car Rental FAQs

Is the price really what you pay?

An unequivocal "yes" Like any rental company our cars are supplied with an insurance excess amount to be paid by the customer should there be a 'it's my fault' accident. This excess can be reduced considerably by paying an 'optional' £10.00. The operative word is 'optional' There are other options, such as Satellite Navigation (on those cars not already fitted with this) Child Seats and Booster Seats all available for a small daily rate. You also have the option of adding a driver but the optional, small charge is merely £7 per day per extra driver.

Are the cars REALLY less than 6 months old?

We've all been there. You rent a car to find it's not quite as pristine as it should be. The inside might be a little more worn (even smelly) than you would like. The outside has often had more hits than The Beatles! We do our best to avoid this with a policy of changing cars regularly and maintaining them rigorously. So, yes, believe it or not the vast majority of our cars will be somewhere between 'newly born' and 4 months old. On the rare occassion that a car is older than 4 months we will ensure it performs as if it were much younger.

Can I add an extra driver?

There are some conditions that ALL drivers need to meet (see below) but if you and they meet them, you can have as many as you like for a nominal charge of £10 per day per extra driver.

Are there conditions to me driving?

Anyone under 25 must have held their full licence for more than 2 years no endorsements 25+ 1 full years licence no endorsements. Anyone over the age of 70 we must clear with insurance company before we can proceed. Anyone with more than 6 points we must clear with insurance company before proceeding. The only persons insured to drive must have produced their licence to be insured to drive

Do you guarantee to give me the car I have requested?

Every effort is made to supply the exact car you have ordered. There may be the odd occasion when we have to substitute the car selected for another from the same category and group and if that cannot be achieved we will give you a FREE upgrade to the next group.

What if I break down?

Hardly something we expect to happen with such new cars BUT...if you do then all cars, by virtue of being less than 4 months old are covered by the manufacturers breakdown and recovery plans.

What If I cannot return the car on the date and time indicated?

You MUST inform us that you won't be back when expected as we need to ensure any subsequent customers are not disadvantaged and for that matter we will call the police if we think the car has been stolen! A '1 day rental' allows for a three hour 'changeover period' but thereafter you will be charged a FULL days rental price. We would really appreciate your efforts to avoid being late back...even with a note from your mum!

Can I smoke in the car?

Sorry, but NO. As a courtesy to the next user we ask that our cars are 'No Smoking Zones'

Can I carry an animal in the car?

Sorry, but again NO. Even if he/she is house / car trained. Accidents do happen...

What are the excess costs?

All of our vehicles have an excess charge of £1200. This can be reduced to £600 by paying the additional daily excess charge. Daily excess reduction charges are based on the drivers age. See our important info section for our current charges.

If I am under 23 years old can you rent me a car?

Yes we can! We are one of the very few rental companies around that will rent cars to under 23 year olds. There are some conditions however, you have to have held your full driving licence for 2 years and have no endorsments on it.

What kind of mileage can I do in a week?

Up to 1 week hire 150 miles a day. Or 1050 miles cumulative.

Is there a mileage limit for two weeks?

Any hire over 7 days limited to 75 miles per day. 490 miles per week.

What are the young driver rates?

£14 per day for 21-22 year olds and £9 per day for 23-24 year olds. 25 and up, no charges apply.

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